Thursday, 13 June 2013


RedRoots v's The world!
These are off to America thanks to Gary & Cameron, friends of RedRoots.

The studio

Where the magic happens...


Neckalce's are now available too!
Pendant is a laser cut pattern in to wood with a silver ring and leather necklace

Photo shoot

Today's shoot with some lovely models showing off the latest Red Roots products! 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Frankie's Bag!

i <3 RedRoots worn by Frankie...


Teresa asked for a vest with 3 different prints included and that's exactly what she got!

Key RIng's

Here are the first key rings to be made!

Some finished labels!

Here are the final labels with their final garments!

 In the making....

The work shop and first label printed...

Daves patch

The first patch created from RedRoots was made for dave! 
here is the final product...

in the making...

Clothing Types

T-shirts, vest's and bags are now available choose your cut, colour and size and include this information in your email order!

White Vest                                                  V-neck                                          Black Vest
            Tote Bag                                               Round Neck                                         Turnerd Up Sleeves

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tim's shirt

Tim requested a black shirt with a pocket and the smoky pattern, so Red Roots gave Tim a FREE shirt for being the first person to place an order on facebook! order yours via facebook or email
still have 2 FREE shirts or bags for the next who order!

Print and Patterns

More patterns available!

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pattern 10


pattern 12

pattern 13

pattern 14

pattern 15 'smoke'

background patters
                                pattern 16                                                                pattern 17

"ink splatter' 
                                 pattern 18                                                            pattern 19

pattern 20

pattern 21

pattern 22

Monday, 20 May 2013

The prints are now available! 

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Pattern 1

Pattern 2

 Pattern 3

 Pattern 4

Pattern 5

Pattern 6

Pattern 7

Pattern 8
Pattern 9

You can select any of these images for your own custom Red Roots clothing, all you have to do is email with you chosen size and style shirt (or bag) with the number of each pattern that you have selected (see above for numbers). You are encouraged to make any suggestions on how you would like your design to look!